About Me

Passion! That’s right - Passion. Trust! Trust in your own intuition—whether you are in labor, taking a yoga class or need some healing. These are the two key things that have motivated me to move through this journey of supporting others. I absolutely and positively love working with individuals moving to a state of health and well-being—especially pregnant mammas.


I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services, which has immensely helped me with my work as a doula, hypnotherapist, yoga instructor and healing touch therapist. With my certification as a hypnotherapist, I offer hypnotherapy for pain management during labor to my clients if they choose. Yoga is another interest of mine and I teach Ashtanga, Hatha and prenatal yoga. I am certified as a yoga instructor with The Yoga Institute having trained with Lex Gillian and Stan Hafner, who was a student of P. Jois. My prenatal yoga training was completed with Robin Sale of Wholebirth Yoga. I also completed an advanced yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga. And yes, of course, one more important certification, I am a certified doula through Doulas of North America (DONA). I also am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Touch International. My most recent certification is with The Chopra Center as a Perfect Health (Ayurveda) Instructor and Primordial Sound Meditation teacher. All of these modalities that I have been trained and practiced are all energy and healing work and I merge them together as needed.


I have been a doula since 2002 and attend approximately 2 births per month. My style is relaxed, reassuring and focused. I have two children, both boys. I may sound busy but not really, it’s just good use of energy in the right places and spaces and I always have time for an expectant mom who goes into labor!