Testimonials for Healing Touch

Hi Lana,
I don't know if you remember me. Its been a while since I saw you, I think it was back in May. I just felt the urge to let you know how much you helped me in that one session. I feel like you brought me back to myself. Gradually I feel like my life is shifting. You had let me know my sacral chakra was blocked and I've been working to clear it. I've started meditating and its brought so much calm into my life. I feel like I can now handle the anxiety that was making me feel completely crazy. I know you were the one who threw me the life preserver that literally saved me when I was about to drown. You also peaked my interest so much about energy work that I feel like I've been nonstop researching for the past few months. I know that I want to have a career in this field. Im looking into certification programs right now haha. Thank you again so much Lana! You have such a calming presence and I am so grateful for your example.

Testimonials for Yoga and Prenatal Yoga

Meet our babies !
I wanted to give you a thank you.  Not only did the yoga classes help me physically and emotionally, your advice helped me during delivery.
 I was induced, and after 24 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing, during which I made no progress at moving Piper down, the doctor came in to discuss having a c-section.  I didn't want a c- section unless the babies were in trouble, and they had no distress at all, thank goodness.  Because of you, I knew that I had the right to ask everyone to leave the room to have a private discussion with my husband to decide what to do.  The staff respected my request, and my husband and I were able to make a decision together without feeling pressured to decide immediately and in front of people.
Thank you so much for all that you do.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
Megan C

Testimonials for Birth Doula

Dear Lana,

I really appreciated the time you have spent with me. I feel grateful to have met you and that you were there for the entire birth of my son (to even cutting his umbilical cord). I am a believer of what the "power of touch" can do and I thank you for it and for helping me to focus and relax. Looking back on it, I wouldn't have changed a thing - it was beautiful!! With gratitude, Jessica G.


Lana -

Thank you so much for all your help during my pregnancy and labor. I'm not sure I couldv'e done it without you!


As apprehensive as Joe was when we first talked about having a doula, he is very thankful for your services!


Keep up the great work! I miss my prenatal yoga classes like crazy!

Thanks so much! Kristen F.


From Angie C:

Lana was our doula for both our sons, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. She really listened to us in our pre-birth meetings and got to know who we were and the kind of birth we were hoping to have. I really felt like she listened to what WE wanted without any agenda- she provided information on all accounts for us to make an informed decision in the hopes we had for how our birth would go. I felt very heard, which was really important to me (and my husband). 

The birth was everything we'd hoped (and more) and I attribute so much of that to Lana! She helped provide a calm, soothing atmosphere using candles (battery operated) and oils that were a wonderful way to experience birth. Little things that I had no idea I would want or need, but ended up being life savers in the moment! 

My husband and I tell everyone we know GET A DOULA. You won't regret it. Many people think that a doula takes the place of a partner in the birth experience, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Lana was there to support BOTH my husband and I, and we both needed her throughout the process at different times. My husband felt 100% supported and empowered by Lana in his role as partner, which was very important to him. 

Overall, we always say get a doula. Followed closely by HIRE LANA! She was so amazing, we asked her back a second time :) 

From Caitlin L:

Lana was a force of calm and empowerment for me during my pregnancy and the birth of my son.  She helped me feel confident and strong in my birth choices.  Her knowledge of non medical healing modalities, such as healing touch and yoga, were of huge benefit to me.  I still remember what a difference her warm and peaceful presence brought to the whole experience.  She is a skilled, knowledgeable doula and a wonderful person.  

From Jennifer I:

Working with Lana helped me go from not knowing how I would ever achive the natural child birth experience I wanted, to birthing my baby naturally and supported in all my choices along the way.  

We met a couple times before the birth day.  During that time we talked about my vision, and practiced relaxation techniques that would also be used during labor.  I opted for hypno birthing classes and Lana was well experienced.  

On the morning of my birthing day, Lana arrived fresh and hung out with me all day :)  She brought essential oils, her healing hands, and loving presence.  She followed the energy each moment brought, and supported my choices even when medical staff suggested something different.  (I was right of course, and Lana helped me stick with my intuition).

A week or so after my baby was born, she came to my home and we talked about my birthing day.  This in itself was so special to have someone who has witnessed and supported me, to also re cap game day with :)  She also had some calming techniques and put my baby to sleep which was nearly impossible at the time.  So grateful!

I highly recommend Lana to all my friends and clients looking for support during their birthing time!