Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lana is certified through DONA and has been a doula since 2002. She has attended over 400 births and brings a wide variety of experience and compassion to the birth process.


Birth Doula Services:

Providing emotional support, comfort measures, information, and advocacy at your birth.


As a client in labor you can count on me for continuous support. I don't work shifts, so I am there throughout the labor and the delivery, and for an hour or two afterward. If you birth in the hospital, I will be there through shift changes,providing a familiar and reassuring presence. 


I use nonmedical means to support the birth process, such as a birthing ball, slow dancing, massage, and positions such as "the lunge" to help rotate babies who are in the posterior position. I also provide soothing extras, such as massage oils, guided relaxation, and music.


I can also help you maintain the rhythm of your contractions when changing position or moving, say, from a chair to the bed.

If surgery is necessary, I may be able to remain in the OR with the you and your partner. Unfortunately, it may depend on hospital policy. It is a good thing to check out prior to choosing a hospital.


I can help you with breastfeeding after the birth and at the postpartum visits as well. During the postpartum visits we may discuss the birth, how you and your baby are doing, provide tips for pospartum care for you and baby and that is my chance to hold your sweet new baby! I love that part. 


Postpartum Doula Services:

When a child is born, a family is born. The doula's role is to help the family to find a harmonious new sense of normal with baby. Nurturing mama with physical and emotional comfort measures, while assisting her with discovering her babies cues, breastfeeding, light house-keeping and help around the house. Overnight support, support of families with multiples, and sibling care are also available.


  Physical Support:

  •    Help mom care for her postpartum body
  •    Massage mom's shoulders or feet
  •    Talk over the birth experience
  •    Help and assist with breast or bottle feeding
  •    Help with tending to the new baby

  Emotional Support:

  •    Listen to the birth story
  •    Validate the normal adjustment process
  •    Support mom through emotional vulnerability
  •    Support dad through transition to new role
  •    Help siblings adjust to the presence of the baby
  •    Help mom learn to feed her baby
  •    Demonstrate infant care techniques
  •    Information on newborn care recommendations
  •    Support parents individual nurturing styles